Set-Up Guide

a couple of tips to get you started:

  • 4.
    Social Media Icons

    Personalize the Social Media gadget
    and create your custom set of icons

  • 5.
    Main Navigation

    Add new menu items
    to the website's main navigation

  • 6.

    Add new posts and pages to your website's content
    and create a Custom Contact Page

  • 7.

    Add, remove and rearrange gadgets/widgets
    on your website layout

Design Customization

As the design of BOX □ №16 is very minimal and clean,
I made sure it remained highly customizable.

You'll have several pre-built widget/gadget sections at your disposal to accommodate any new layout elements you may have in mind. Together with a custom set of user-friendly font selectors and color pickers, they should give a tremendous amount of control over the final feel and look of the website.

I highly encourage you to experiment with different settings and configurations.
To reset the styling and revert to the default settings,
click the clear advanced changes link at the bottom of the page.

Website fonts, colors and backgrounds
can be accessed and adjusted through the Blogger Theme Designer

while the layout elements
can be added, rearranged, or removed via Layout Editor


Blogger Template

Additional Service

available on request

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